2nd generation Bengals - Tarantela  Bengals

The Leopard Cat (Prionailurus Bengalensis) is a small (around 8/10 lbs) wild cat which lives in South East Asia. There are eleven sub species of ALC. Its relation to the Leopard is distant, as the Leopard is a member of a different genus, Panthera. The ALC is a small spotted cat know as a 'lesser cat.' ALC's are semi nocturnal, they are shy and feed on birds, lizards, amphibians, insects and small rodents.

In most cases the ALC has been reared by a breeder from birth and then mated with a Bengal and bred on for a domestic cat that mimics the beautiful ALC, with stunning rosettes and golden coats.  The young from the ALC x Bengal is referred to as an F1 and the second generation F2 Bengal and so on.

I have introduced 4 F2 Bengal females into my breeding programme, two are now proven breeding queens and two we hope to breed from this year,  I chose them carefully; firstly for temperament then for a real wild head, small rounded ears, a thick tail and of course super well defined markings. These F2 females will enable me to create new Tarantela lines. Lines which will retain the 'wilder look' of the ALC but with the behavior of a loving pet. Temperament is everything for us, our females and babies are in house most of the time and part of our family, this way we ensure our kittens are ready to join a family and have a happy life.

Chinmayibengals Chiquita F2
Sire: is Spothaven Adonis (USA Import)
Dam: Eraser Juaras Lighthoose F1. (Malaysian import).
ALC line: Juara of Eraser

We are delighted with this F2 female.  Chi-Chi has the most remarkable marbled pattern, rounded ears, beautiful golden large eyes and a pelt like silk full of glitter, and a whitened tummy. She definitely has the 'wow' factor.  
ChiChi has proven to be an outstanding breeding queen and is producing superbly rosetted kittens
some of which we have kept for our future breeding programme.
The last picture
is of ChChi with her kittens.

Chi Chi as a babe

Gayzette Mirage of Tarantela
Sire: Spothaven Silver Streak (USA Import)
Dam: Sarez Sanura F1.
ALC line: Sarez Little L
 (UK Bred ALC);

This little F2 female has black rosettes covering her gold glitter pelt, a white tummy, big gold eyes, nicely rounded ears and a thick tail; a fabulous F2.  We are so pleased with her.
Little L is one of the rarest and most beautiful ALC lines of all we are one of the few breeders to have an F2 from this line.  Mirage has proved to be a superb breeding queen and mother and we now have her beautiful F3 daughters for our future breeding programme (see last picture).


Gayzette Gina of Tarantela F2
Sire: Cattichrome Bullet (Canadian Import)

Dam: Gayzette Dianara F1
ALC Line: Apollo of Gayzette

Gina is our stunning silver rosetted F2 Bengal queen.  We hope to breed her in 2015 to produce some Silver rosetted F3 kittens. She has a really wild look, as though she has stepped out of the jungle.
Gina is a big girl with a long body with horizontal flowing pattern of rosettes, small neat ears and a lightened tummy, and no tarnishing.  A real stunner.
We are very excited and pleased to have her, and look forward to her first litter.



Gayzette Magnolia of Tarantela F2
Sire: Adcinsh Hedge Hunter
Dam: Gayzette Orchid F1
ALC Line: Apollo of Gayzette

Magnolia is our stunning Seal Mink Snow F2 Bengal queen.
Magnolia has amazing eyes and a super soft temperament, she loves being held and made a fuss of.  She is a very friendly and outgoing girl, a real charmer.
She also has wild looks, great rosettes, whitened tummy and a graceful outline. 
We hope to have Snow F3 kittens from her in 2015.