2nd generation Bengals - Tarantela F2's Bengals

The Leopard Cat (Prionailurus Bengalensis) is a small (around 8/10 lbs) wild cat which lives in South East Asia. There are eleven sub species of ALC. Its relation to the Leopard is distant, as the Leopard is a member of a different genus, Panthera. The ALC is a small spotted cat know as a 'lesser cat.' ALC's are semi nocturnal, they are shy and feed on birds, lizards, amphibians, insects and small rodents.

In most cases the ALC has been reared by a breeder from birth and then mated with a Bengal and bred on for a domestic cat that mimics the beautiful ALC, with stunning rosettes and golden coats.  The young from the ALC x Bengal is referred to as an F1 and the second generation F2 Bengal and so on.

I have introduced 4 F2 Bengal kittens into my breeding programme  I chose them carefully; firstly for temperament then for a real wild head, small rounded ears, a thick tail and of course super well defined markings. These F2 kittens will enable me to create new Tarantela lines. Lines which will retain the 'wilder look' of the ALC but with the behavior of a loving pet. Temperament is everything for us, our females and babies are in house most of the time and part of our family, this way we ensure our kittens are ready to join a family and have a happy life.

All our kittens are health checked, vaccinated, registered and insured.


A very Happy Christmas and New Year.
We shall have some great Tarantela kittens in the New year.

ALC bengal cat

Above; F1 Dam of Chinmayi Chiquitta
 of Tarantela

'Chi-Chi' is an F2.
Sire is Spothaven Adonis (USA Import) her dam Eraser Juaras Lighthoose F1.
 ALC line; Juara of Eraser (Malaysian).

We are delighted with this F2 female she truly resembles her ALC Grandsire. Chi-Chi has the most remarkable marbled pattern, rounded ears, beautiful golden eyes and a pelt like silk and full of glitter, and a whitened tummy. She definitely  has the 'wow' factor.   
 (The pictures middle, right and 3rd row are of our new F2).

Asian Leopard cat
Above: Asian Leopard Cat is not the sire
of Chiquitta or Chi Chi but we think shows the
 likeness of the ALC to our F2.

Chi Chi as a babe


This is;
Gayzette Mirage of Tarantela our rosetted F2;

Sired by; Spothaven Silver Streak (USA Import)
 x Sarez Sanura F1.
ALC line Sarez Little L
(UK Bred ALC);

This little F2 female has black rosettes covering her gold glitter pelt, a white tummy, big gold eyes, nicely rounded ears and a thick tail; a fab little F2.  We are so pleased with her.

Her temperament is great  just like the other F2's we have.  They are playing with my other kittens and have fitted into our house and lives beautifully.




Sire : Cattichrome Bullet (Canadian Import)
Dam : Eraser Surai   F1  (Malaysian Import)

ALC Line : Juara Of Eraser

"Gembira" is Malaysian for "Happy One" and the name so fitted our new F2 baby girl "Gem."
 A big well grown girl with a wonderful happy and friendly temperament Gem is a non-stop live wire. Following everyone around she always has to be in on anything going on in the house. She has a beautiful wild head type very much like the ALC with small rounded ears, large mascara lined golden eyes, and wonderful chaotic marbled pattern. She really has the 'wow' factor, we are so lucky to have her.
She will be a great asset to our future breeding programme for the F2's and F3's. We are going to be breeding kittens which are so much closer to the wild cat in looks while maintaining the personality of the domestic cats.



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